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Citadel Encampment

I'm trying to post more here - I post all my little costume updates on facebook, but I never write blog entries. I've been vaguely toying with the idea of making a facebook 'page' for my costuming, like many of my cosplaying friends have, so that people can follow me more easily. But then again, facebook likes to make sure that (apparently) only about 16% of followers see a page's post unless that page pays for extra distribution, so it's probably easier for people to actually see my stuff here. Which means I need to remember to actually post things, I guess. I don't know. Maybe I'll put up a facebook page as well.

Anyhow, in the mean time, I thought I'd post some photos of the encampment I attended at the Halifax Citadel this weekend. We had lovely days for it. I'm so glad I made it to an encampment out here before heading back to Ontario. It was warm, everyone was friendly, the citadel itself was cool to spend a weekend at, and we didn't even freeze overnight.


The first day I wore my silk petticoat (borrowed from my robe a la francaise) because some reenacting friends were getting married at the citadel and we wanted to dress up for them. The second day I was sick of babying the silk around camp, so I borrowed Laura's linen under petticoat and just wore my smoke-purple wool under petticoat as a top petticoat. I also borrowed the silk bonnet from Joy, as I didn't have a chance to make one beforehand.


The fichu is a block-printed cotton batiste headscarf I bought, which I then modified by painting green dye into parts of the pattern and adding a wide border of nearly identical-weight cotton batiste (dyed green at the same time as I painted the pattern) so that I could tie it behind my back.


The fichu wasn't the only part of this ensemble that I painted: I painted the fabric for the caraco as well.

10584075_10152275075517001_4009272176003975967_n   photo(15)

(Please ignore the pre-ironing and pre-re-hemming mess of a petticoat)

Also, very glad I made pockets before going. The joys of pockets cannot be properly expressed. I had my phone, a fountain pen, a thimble, my chapstick, two sleeve linings, part of a bodice mockup, my pin cushion, and some bobby pins in my pockets all Saturday, and you couldn't tell at all. It's like having a purse on each hip!


They're not the fanciest or matchiest - pink linen-cotton with a fine woven plaid, lined in white linen and bound in dark green cotton, on a lighter green cotton waistband - but they do the trick!

Overall I had a great time, although I have discovered that I need to re-bone my stays, since 180 pieces of flat steel makes for very heavy and non-bendy stays. They're fine for a couple of hours, but when it gets really warm and they don't move at all against my skin and they start to bruise my hips because the steel doesn't let the tabs curve properly it's no longer pretty. I'm not kidding about the bruises. They're little lines of dots down each hip, from where the end of the bones would press in as I shifted my torso. Lovely. The weight of them also resulted in a headache by Sunday afternoon, so I definitely need to do something about it. Always nice to find these things out before you try to spend a week in the costume piece, though, so this weekend was a great test run.

Tags: 1770s, 18th century, caraco, costume, fichu, halifax, historical, reenactment

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