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Isabel Northwode

Caped Crusading and Masquerading

Peryn W.N.
1 October
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I'm a student at Dalhousie University, where I am double-majoring in costume studies and history. I'm active in the SCA and I also go to steampunk events and costume cons whenever I can. I'm working on getting wardrobes together for as many eras as possible so that I can go to events wherever I happen to be. I have a special love for corsetry, as it is what first got me into historical costuming in the first place.
I love fantasy books and superheroes. I am an artist and a singer. I am Canadian. I like chocolate. I compulsively collect costume history books. I like thunderstorms. My SCA name is Isabel Westrose, and I use this name for steampunk and other personas as well.